BackGround / Professional Experience

THe Start of LMC

As a graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute, I started my career in the automotive field doing basic maintenance and repair work.  My focus in college was Business Management, Automotive, Chassis / Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, but my passion was welding and fabrication. I knew I wanted to pursue this so I bought a welding helmet, a pair of welding gloves, a welding jacket, and applied to the first open welding position I found. I took the basic welding test and was hired as a production MIG welder. I made an important life decision and relocated back to RI where I took a position at Capco Steel in the Handrail shop. I took advantage of my time there and honed my skills for reading blueprints, proper grinding and metal finishing techniques, and bending tubing / pipe. Some of my accomplishments include MIG welding commercial handrails at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees Stadium, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and Brown University. After a few years I took a position in the Structural Welding shop where I earned AWS welding certifications in many positions and different alloy steels. 

It was during my transition from the Handrail shop to my position as a Structural welder where I met and became very close friends with Alexi DeRochambeau. He asked if I would be interested in working on his award-winning show car and help him to set the car apart from the conventional modifications that had been seen within the water-cooled VW community. I found that by combining my love of customization, my educational experience, and my passion for welding, I was able to create something truly unique and help a friend realize his vision. It wasn’t clear to me at that point but this would be the unofficial beginning of Legend Metal Co. His car later became an icon in the VW community and has won multiple Best of Show awards, has been featured on the pages of domestic and international publications, and is regarded as one of the elite cars in its class. Sadly we lost Alexi in 2011 but his memory lives on with his car. 

My passion is welding and fabrication and I love building custom cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I have an acute attention to detail and will help work within your budget and time constraints to complete your project. I pride myself in high quality, enthusiast focused, and do not consider LMC as a one-stop shop. My focus is metal work and I feel this concentration allows me to continually improve my skills and allow others to excel in their trades. I work with a number of professionals and will offer recommendations for your body shop, electrical, and finishing work needs. I admit that I am my own worst critic and realize that my work is the foundation for others to build off. You can trust that by the time it leaves the shop, you will have a solid base for the next phase of your project. 

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